Over 75% of attendees at AccelerateAB
are founders + startups.

Learn to start and scale

Why you should come to AccelerateAB 2014

Looking to grow your network in the real world? Come and meet the best and brightest from around the tech/startup community in Alberta and beyond at AccelerateAB.

Grow your network

Meet speakers and mentors from top companies

Gain access to industry mentors and peers who are startup founders, investors, senior executives, creative and technical directors, marketing pros, and seasoned developers.

Attract top talent

Whether you’re looking for a co-founder for your new venture or are in need of more talent to add to your fast growing company, get access to top local talent at AccelerateAB.

Invest (or be invested in)

And what will be waiting for you there

AccelerateAB has become the province’s largest face-to-face gathering of top entrepreneurs and investors from in and around the startup/tech community in Alberta and beyond.

Life is short.
Build stuff that matters.